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Nio means soul in Mandinka, the native language of the Senegalese musician, singer and composer Momi Maiga. Nio is the result of various inspirations born from Senegal and expanding to new horizons with the arrival of Momi in Europe. The contact of his musical universe with the mediterranean roots and multiple varied styles is the backbone of his debut album, where the artist’s musical and eclectic openness is appreciated in each composition. A virtuoso of the kora, with impeccable vocal fluency and an amazing musical sensibility, Momi uses the twenty-two strings of the kora and the voice to carry us reflections on human values, as his family has done from generation to generation for centuries.

Nio is a dynamic and constant dialogue between cultures and strings. Kora, violin, cello and percussions from around the world forge the soul of this work. With lyrics in Mandinka and Wolof, traveling from bulería to ethno jazz, the album’s ten songs evoke a range of emotions ranging from deep sadness, meditation and the joy of living. 

To capture this musical universe on a record, Momi has the musical production of the polyhedral violinist Carlos Montfort and arrangements by the respected percussionist Aleix Tobias accompanied by the grooves of the virtuoso Martín Meléndez on his cello. In addition to having this team of exceptional musicians, some stellar collaborations are added to this trip, such as his renowned cousin Seckou Keita in the song Casamance, the Spanish singer Sílvia Pérez Cruz in Sidiya, and the guitarist Pau Figueres in Mansani.

A sea of ​​transcontinental sounds and rhythms that surprise in every second. Fusion and emotion are the pillars of this vibrant, energetic and profound album. Nio is the first cover letter from a debut artist that will not leave you indifferent.

Nio is a co-production of Momi Maiga with La Marfà – Center for Music Creation, Fira Mediterrània de Manresa and Olot City Council.