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NIO – Momi Maiga

Nio is a dynamic and constant dialogue between cultures and strings. Kora, violin, cello and percussions from around the world forge the soul of this work. With lyrics in Mandinka and Wolof, traveling from bulería to ethno jazz, the album’s ten songs evoke a range of emotions ranging from deep sadness, meditation and the joy of living. 

Momi Maiga: kora, voice. Percussions in Mansani and Denano

Aleix Tobias: drums and percussion

Carlos Montfort: violins , electric bass, electric guitar.

Martin Melendez: cello

Seckou Keita: voice in Casamance

Silvia Pérez: voice in Sidiya

Pau Figueres: Spanish guitar in Mansani

Rusó Sala: voice and choirs in Mansani